1X2 Фоотбалл Прогнозе za danas и типови 1X2

(врхови клађење треба да се кладите на једном месту)

1X2 Фоотбалл Прогнозе су дефинитивно најпопуларнији и уобичајене савете за фудбалске утакмице са пуним радним временом исхода који ћете наћи свуда. Наши типови за 1Х2 су насељена професионалних типстера и пружају Вам на дневној бази. Предвиђања могу варирати у различито време дана јер се ажурира два пута дневно.

Dnevna 1x2 fudbalska predvidjanja I statistika bazirana na prognozi.Uzivo 1x2 tipovi.

PocetakDojava.Tipsteri.domaći тим - гостујући тим% (1)% (X)% (2) 
06-20 15:30
4 422433
06-20 00:30 Uzivo
3 542817
06-20 20:00
3 393128
06-20 16:00
3 443125
06-20 16:30
3 681813
06-20 12:00
3 551727
06-20 15:30
3 272152
06-20 10:00
3 382735
06-20 15:30
3 483122
06-20 15:30
3 492624
06-20 15:00
3 671517
06-20 20:00
3 512821

What is 1X2 Football Prediction?

Whoever you ask about an outcome of a football game, he will tell you either the home team or the away team to win and some might consider the draw also. As the name, Betting Tips 1X2 tells us, this is a tip based on the full time of the football game. Note that in these football predictions, as in almost all bookmakers, full time means only the result in the 90 minutes of play. Any extra time or penalty shoot-out is not considered as a part of this football tip.

Among football fans or betters you will see that type of tips as 1X2, 1X2 football predictions or 1X2 betting tips, which is basically one and the same thing. The 1X2 stands for the three options available for a football game to end.

  • 1 - this tells you that the home team will win
  • 2 - this tells you that the away team will win
  • X - this tells you that there will be no winner of the match and it will end as a draw (note that cup games where there are eliminations can also end as a draw in regular time - 90 minutes)

So if we take, for example, the upcoming game this weekend Liverpool - Arsenal the "1" 1X2 betting tip will mean that Liverpool will win it. "2" will mean that Arsenal will win it. And if it says "X" then the game will most probably end in a draw (0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc.) with no winner.

On our 1X2 football prediction page you will find also a combinations of two out of the three options that is considered as a DOUBLE CHANCE. Those combinations mean that the match will end as one of the two predicted outcomes.

  • 1X or X1 - this tells you that the home team will win or the game will end in a draw with no winner
  • 2X or X2 - this tells you that the away team will win or the game will end in a draw with no winner
  • 12 or 21 - this tells you that the home team will win the football game or the away team will win

So having our example from above with the Liverpool - Arsenal game, then the football tip of "1X" means that either Liverpool wins the game or the game ends in a draw. Football tip of "X2" means that either Arsenal wins the game or the game ends up in a draw. And the 1X2 betting tip "12" will mean that either Liverpool will win or Arsenal will win. As simple as that.

So, how to spot suitable games and put money on 1X2 football tip? As our website is always stating, don't sort your picks only from one source (web or local tipsters). First of all, research whatever you can find for this football clash. Pay attention to the teams' lineups, teams' standings in the league table, teams injuries and suspensions, players and many more. You have to be sure that we do that before exposing each and every 1X2 football prediction on our website. See which team is the favorite of the two teams in the battle. Is there a strong favorite or just two mid-table teams? Having all this data might be always confusing to sort, but believe us, if you choose and put your own money on a tip that you have gathered data for, then the outcome profit and pleasure will be way more that just giving money or betting on a single source tip.

When you have sorted out a strong prediction, then don't rush to stake it immediately. It's a public secret that live odds are way better than the pre-match odds. So be patient and wait for the game to start. It's hardly expected that a goal will come in the first 10 minutes of the game. You might have already seen on our website that on each page we allow you to see all the football games played live now. So use that toggle and wait for the odds to raise and satisfy your earnings and then place your bet.

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